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Oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products are transported across our State via truck, rail and most notably, pipelines. Pipelines are the safest and most efficient means of petroleum-related transportation. Pipes bring natural gas from the producing areas of Utah to your home or business to keep you warm, generate electricity, and keep our manufacturing and other industries moving. They also deliver crude oil, from within Utah and other surrounding states for refining. Pipelines also carry refined products for consumption in Utah, including Salt Lake International Airport and Hill Air Force Base, as well as for export both North, throughout Idaho and Eastern Washington, and South to Nevada.

Trucks carry crude oil from the producing areas, primarily in the Uinta Basin, to Salt Lake area refineries. They also carry gasoline and diesel fuel to wholesale and retail locations throughout the State. A growing area of petroleum related transportation throughout the country, including Utah, is the use of rail. Rail lines carry crude oil to be refined in Utah and outside the State. Rail also transports needed inputs for use in the refining process as well as crude related by-products that are sold and transported to other markets to be manufactured into thousands of useful, everyday petrochemical products.