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Utah is blessed with some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in all the world. Many of these lands deserve special protection for our enjoyment and that of generations to come, but for many lands, the highest and best use is resource development. We are a public lands state with over 70% of our lands owned or operated by the State, federal government or indian tribes. Many of Utah's vast natural resources lie beneath these public lands. For that reason, it’s critical that access be reasonably allowed for the wise and prudent development of those natural resources. A great deal of Utah’s wealth is tied up in our public lands. That is wealth that can be used to fund schools, provide jobs and sustain communities. A State and federal policy that promotes multiple use of these lands is critical to the future of this great State. Multiple use includes preservation and recreation, but it also includes the wise economic use of the lands including grazing, timber harvesting, mining and oil and gas development.