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DOGM Discusses O&G Regulation Under Land Transfer

Over the past several years, Utah's Legislature has sought the transfer of management of Utah's vast federal lands into the control of the State.  Legislators established the Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands to study all aspects of such a transfer and make recommendations to the Legislature for further State actions.

Legislators Look at Regulatory Fees

In place of a regular legislative interim day in July, Utah's Legislature rather held appropriation subcommittee hearings throughout the day on July 26.  In an effort to give more time for study and adequate input on the State's budgetary process, legislators heard from regulatory agencies regarding the services they provide and fees they impose to cover the costs of those services.

Regulatory Jurisdiction Discussions Begin

On July 13-14, UPA initiated discussions with the Uinta Basin counties as well as the Utah Association of Counties, Utah League of Cities and Towns, Utah Division and Board of Oil, Gas and Mining and the Utah Energy Office to discuss and find common ground on the concerns that prompted UPA's introduction of SB 189 Oil and Gas Amendments during this year's legislative session.

Transportation Governance & Funding Task Force

During the past session, legislators established the Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force to study in depth and make recommendations regarding the future of transportation infrastructure in the State of Utah.  The Task Force has begun this effort and will now be meeting on a monthly basis.  It has also created two working groups to dive even deeper into Governance and Funding.

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